Is Your SEO Company Asleep at the Wheel? A Digital Marketing Horror Story

I was recently approached by a local manufacturing company. They were happy with their current digital agency, where they were paying some $10,000 per month for SEO and pay-per-click marketing. However, they saw that I would do a free digital marketing audit for interested companies, and took me up on the offer.

What I saw shocked and appalled me. If this were MY digital marketing team, I would not be happy at all. Now, I know that there are some limitations of this company's website, but a lot of what I found was basic SEO 101-type stuff that any website can support. Moreover, when I showed the client the presentation below, they didn't know about any of these problems - so the digital marketing company hadn't communicated what they could and couldn't do to the client directly. Most importantly, their organic traffic grew an anemic 1.3% in 2014. So this digital marketing company definitely wasn't "rocking their results," and they weren't communicating transparently with the client. Appalling!

Here are just some of the basic problems I found in their digital marketing program:

  • Not maximizing Google Analytics: no use of demographics, conversions, filters, and improper referral traffic.
  • Ignoring SEO 101: Google Analytics code not on their blog, no use of schema, no XML sitemap, not paying attention to Webmaster Tools, and not aligning keywords with the business.
  • PPC Issues: No use of paid-specific landing pages, ignoring alerts, not adding appropriate keywords, no display advertising or remarketing, and not talking about campaigns that are limited by budget directly with the client.

All of these issues are easily solvable! Don't let your digital marketing company fall asleep at the wheel. Keep them on their toes with regular external audits of their work.

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