I'm a Startup Business. How Should I Use AdWords to Drive Traffic?

Recently, I was approached by a startup tech company where the entrepreneurial leader had set up AdWords by herself. While I'm a big fan of do-it-yourself'ers, and digital marketing certainly can be self-taught, Sheila was taking a big gamble by taking the future of the company into her own inexperienced hands. That's why I offered her a free digital marketing assessment: let's make sure we was using best practices, spending her investors' money properly, and setting her company up for online sales success. What could I suggest that would help this small startup business succeed?

The answer: a lot. While Sheila had a good handle on PPC 101, in a competitive industry, you have to come ready for a fight. So her branded campaign was a good start, but there were all sorts of other opportunities that she was missing. Take a look at this SlideShare and you'll see how many exciting sales opportunities exist within AdWords - provided you're in the capable hands of an outstanding digital marketing agency like Rockit Results! 

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