What is a Free SEO Audit?

I'm often asked: "What's included in your free SEO audit?" It's a legitimate question, as search engine optimization is a broad field with a lot of possible interpretations. So, in order to be as transparent as possible, here's what to expect when you sign up for a free SEO audit from Rockit Results. You'll see that the company below received an insightful look into the following:

  1. Analytics - Are your Analytics set up properly? Are you getting quality data? Are there any features of Google Analytics that you aren't taking full advantage of, and could? What are the top referral websites? Are there any traffic patterns that should be noticed and analyzed?
  2. Digital marketing potential - This client didn't have an exact value for their website visitors, but if you are selling online, you should be thinking, "What is the potential ROI of increasing my investment in my online marketing?" You may think that determining your potential digital marketing return-on-investment is impossible, but it's not; Google gives us tons of search data that we can then leverage to determine ROI. So it's not included in this PowerPoint, but if you have just a few basic revenue numbers, it can easily be determined.
  3. SEO breakdown - What does Google think of your website? How are you ranked, and are you driving organic search traffic? All these questions and more are answered through an intensive SEO breakdown.
  4. User experience, including conversion and content opportunities - Where possible, I also like to review the client's website and make sure there aren't any opportunities being missed. How easy is it to sign up for your email list? Can I find the information I'm looking for? The user experience on your website is critical to SEO, and no free audit should miss this critical review.

I hope this has summed up what to expect from a free digital marketing audit. Please, go ahead and request one today. There's no obligation and no expectation, outside of a basic conversation! 

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