Thinking about Crowdfunding? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Crowdfunding isn't for everyone, but if you've determined that an online campaign is right for you, then here are 12 questions to ask yourself as you work through the process.


Crowdfunding Questions to Consider

1.    Do I have a real value proposition? What is it?

2.    How will engaging with my campaign enhance the lives of my supporters? What story will they tell themselves about the money they invest with me?

3.    Is my tribe big enough, and committed enough, to support this? How will I reach out and engage them?

4.    Is this the last step in the process – or the first?

5.    Is crowdfunding really the best way to sell this product/service, or are there better alternatives (Etsy, Amazon, CraigsList, etc)?

 6.    What similar campaigns have been run in the past? What can I learn from them?

7.    Have I selected the most appropriate crowdfunding platform for this campaign?

8.    What perks can I offer to financial supporters?

9.    What perks will I offer for spreading the word?

10. What funding strategy will I use (fixed vs. flexible)?

11. What does my social media strategy look like? What will my updates be?

12. Have I maximized my crowdfunding page? (Video, FAQ, etc)


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